Dead Space: Return of the Undead Alien

Dead Space

Episode #22

“Return of the Undead Alien”

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Quick Update: Dragon’s Dogma, HDPVR and my Channel

Quick Update
– “Dragon’s Dogma, HDPVR and my Channel”

a) Capcom or YouTube or both tagged one of my Dragon’s Dogma Videos
b) My HDPVR is on the fritz.
c) YouTube has been auditing my channel, for nearly a month

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Dragon’s Dogma: Copyrighted Episode 18 …

Dragon’s Dogma

Episode #18

“Griffon, Golem & Cyclops”

This Episode was matched by YouTube as containing third party content from Capcom, which it does. However this usage of copyrighted material falls under fair use, otherwise pretty much 90% of YouTube’s gaming videos should be matched as well.
I myself have 17 other episodes (as you are probably aware) on Dragon’s Dogma, none of them got a match. It’s unfortunate but unless this situation gets resolved this will be the final Dragon’s Dogma episode I will do, check the quick update post for more information on this issue.

Any ads displayed in this video generate revenue towards Capcom, not me.

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Smite: Odin Gameplay


God Gameplay

“Odin Gameplay”

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