New Game Plus


The show where Rurikhan brings you both the new and old, giving you something to look forward too and something to remember. Hopefully along the way you will get to experience things you’ve never experienced before.

This Episode is about Darksiders, leave a suggestion in the comments with a title you’d like to see included in NG+. If it’s a title I own, I’ll do my best to do an episode on it.

P.S: Since uploading this video, I’ve already got the platinum trophy for this game :)

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Darksiders: Khan’s Dark Side? #2

The second part of my Darksiders video.
The game is shaping up to be quite interesting, I definitely plan on finishing it, I just haven’t planned out how much of it I will actually be recording.

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Darksiders: Khan’s Dark Side? #1

In this video I kinda do a first impressions type of video, it’s going to be a 2 parter where I show you about an hour of gameplay so that you know what to expect from Darksiders, should you find yourself pondering the purchase.

Special thanks to http://youtube.com/ETL19 for donating this game to me on steam. Thanks Eric.

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