Skyrim: Smithing & Dragon Slaying

In this episode we do a little bit of smithing, not too much, and advance the main storyline until the first dragon … obviously being in master difficulty things don’t necessarily go as well as they could, but they go well enough … eheheh.

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Skyrim: Embershard Mine …

In this episode, following up on viewer feedback, we proceed get some mining done, some smithing and above all else … SHIELD SLAMMING! You guys have no idea how much it means to me to SHIELD SLAM the crap out of everyone!

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Skyrim: Golden Claw, Dragon Word and Draugr Overlord!

In this episode we proceed through Bleak Falls Barrow, open the golden claw door, learn the very first Dragon Word and fight a Draugr Overlord … And I use the term fight very loosely here … We actually kinda kited it while poking him with arrows … Nord Dwarf Archer ? I call it a fail … We’re going to have to improve on our combat performance!

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf, Bleak Falls Barrow has Restless Draugr …

In this episode we proceed through Bleak Falls Barrow only to find that Rockjoint+Restless Drougr proves to be quite a bit of a challenge, as you will soon see … Could I have died any more ?
But then again, in videogames, Death can be quite amusing, or maybe that’s just me …

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf, Bleak Falls Barrow and Arvel’s Spider …

In this episode, we begin the ‘dungeon’ of Bleak Falls Barrow, a little killing, a little puzzle solving and a lot of fun all around. Exploring dungeons is definitely amazing, just looking at the video while I was annotating it made me want to go and play!

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf, contracting Rockjoint and Travel back to Bleak Falls.

In this episode we discovered that Master difficulty is incredibly punishing when it comes to diseases and we wasted 240 gold in a cure disease potion (you can actualy cure diseases by praying to Talos statue …).
We then move back to Bleak Falls Barrow (and contract some more rockjoint along the way /trollface) …

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf meets the Jarl of Whiterun

In this episode we smite a couple of more bandits on our way to Whiterun, I can’t help it, they keep popping up in my way …Poor bastards … Near the end we meet the Jarl of Whiterun and his snotty, bratty, motherf**kin kids …

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf, from Riverwood to Whiterun!

In this episode explore a little bit of Riverwood, the first town in the game, before we proceed on the road to Whiterun, where we meet up with a little bandit outfit who just happen to need some spanking … Problem is, Rurikhan is not yet familiar with the Skyrim combat system, and starting a game like this in Master difficulty could only lead to our demise … or should I say … demises …

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Skyrim: Nord Dwarf, Bandit Smacking …

In this episode we slaughter a couple of spiders and several bandits as we head into the first town you encounter if you follow the imperial soldier.

And no, at the point of the first recording I wasn’t aware I was actually making a choice, but still I figure most people who were aware of the choice probably followed the Stormcloak, thus making this an alternate scenario for you guys to watch.
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Skyrim – Rurikhan’s Nord Dwarf, the beginning …

Yes I will be starting a Skyrim series in the same spirit as my Dark Souls series, I’m just getting started, here, already have another episode in the works, tell me how you like it so far, and leave your suggestions but PLEASE, no Spoilers.

In this episode we just get started and create a character, to start our journey.

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