[WoW] Rurikhan’s UI (Prot / Holy paladin)

And here is the video a lot of you asked for, my UI guide, describing the major addons I use and what I use them for.
Hopes this helps everyone out there that keeps asking me about my UI 😛 . Cheers.

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[WoW] Making your UI look like mine …

This video and article are basically a guide to getting your World of Warcraft User Interface to look like mine.

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[WoW Guide] Rurikhan’s UI Guide

So this post is about a Video I’ve placed on youtube quite some time ago, where I go over my World of Warcraft user interface.

The costumization of the user interface is an easily underestimated feature of WoW, and it is probably one of the main reasons why the game has so many users. (press read more for video and full article)

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