Diablo 3: Hardcore – Slaying The Skeleton King

Diablo 3, Hardcore Monk

Episode #3

“Slaying The Skeleton King”

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5 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Hardcore – Slaying The Skeleton King

  1. Damn blizzard what the hell is going on with the servers ? I mean seriously who would put a server on maintenance on weekend ? Are you kidding me ?

    all because this damn “you-have-to-be-online-all-the-time-blah-blah”..

    damn!! I even lost my freaking hardcore barbarian because i got a mega lag when i was fighting a freaking monster tree and he spit some of those freaking poison-flowers and i saw that my HP was going down but i just could not move !!! damn it.

  2. I am running Inferno at the moment, I am a Demon hunter, my friends are barbs.. they are having really bad issues becuase how unfreadly melee is later on in the game, they keep dying all the time while I end up kiting stuff to death.

    I like the game but my friends are not liking it at all now we are in inferno. :(

  3. Hey Ruri it might just be me but the quality of the video is a little blurry, the words are kinda fuzzy, but sometimes it sharpens up, but then it goes blurry again. Idk if you can fix this. Even if you can’t I’m still gonna watch ’cause your the best commentator period.

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