Diablo 3 Open Beta Event, Hardcore Monk 3/3

Diablo 3 Open Beta, Monk Gameplay

Episode #3

“Leoric’s Demise”

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5 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Open Beta Event, Hardcore Monk 3/3

  1. Hi Ruri,

    Since beginning from 15 May you will be featuring D3, and from 25 May you will start featuring Dragons Dogma, I wonder if you will keep only with 2 projects at that time? If so, are you planning to end the Kingdoms of Amalur and Dark/Demon Soul series in some epic ending way?

  2. You love it, I can feel it! And that’s amazing, can’t wait for your playthroughs, the game looks/sounds really amazing!

    Keep going

  3. Hey Ruri,

    watching you playing D3 was funny, indeed. But here’s something i don’t understand: What’s this game about? I don’t understand, why people get excited about this game. I never played Diablo 2, i was too busy playing the Baldurs Gate Saga (i guess, they came out in about the same time). Let’s take a look, what we have here:

    This game looks like a low budget title to me. The graphics are nice but really nothing special. The gameplay consists essentially of button mashing – no movement, no tactics. You can equip some skills and traits and thats all. I don’t see any special idea behind this game (not like the souls games or baldurs gate or something like this).

    Don’t get me wrong, games i like don’t need to have nice graphics and a revolutionary gameplay. sometimes i play baldurs gate 2 these days, just for the fun of developing a character.

    So what’s diablo all about?

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