Guild Wars 2 : Khan’s BETA Overview

Guild Wars 2

BETA Weekend

“Khan’s Overview”

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5 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 : Khan’s BETA Overview

  1. I have enjoyed GW2 beta much more than D3, much more fresh feeling. It is so exciting to have exploring the new mechanics of a MMO.

  2. Looks cool but I definitely look forward to you playing diablo 3 more than guild wars 2. And oh..KoA!!! Just btw if you keep putting points in the might abilities, you can do parrying attacks like on dark souls! You can do a backstab/frontstab with the greatsword!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to see ya play this. I can’t wait to play this myself. I believe GW2 is going to be the next new ‘thing’ in MMOs. It’s giving a lot of things that, IMO, the MMO world desperately needs but a lot of games were afraid to do it.

    One thing I really, really like is the lack of trinity(I don’t hate the trinity offhand-but I think it’s time to explore other options), and the fact that you can play such a variety of characters. Warriors can use ranged weapons well-what a concept! And the way you can play, say, a Support Mage or Warrior as much as a damage one and yeah, lots of builds and tinkers is something I just love.

    Another thing I like is how they are making challenging small group stuff(and I heard they’re freakin’ hard), and also have a more story mode of the dungeon for those who just want to see the stories, PLUS huge, giant world bosses that you can have big, epic raids on where everyone gets something for participating(hey, I was a 40 man raid fan in WoW I admit, but I also like close knit stuff, and this game’s giving me both.) The fact that you get to do stuff for more cosmetic gear rather than more powerful shinies is also great.

    Really, they are just hitting all the right notes and I’m so glad that a company finally decided to break out of some molds. This game cannot come fast enough.

  4. Actually I was watching a video recently on diablo 3’s skills and such and they said they made a crazy number of skill combinations. I think the number was estimated in the billions. Those skills are also all viable as in there are no cookie cutter builds. They showed in the video a melee sorcerer and a “pet”-less witch doctor. So I don’t think they made diablo 3 that “simple”

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