LoL: Shotgun Blasts, Explosive Barrels and Taric [Taric Support]

[Livestream Archive]

League of Legends

Episode #9

“Shotgun Blasts, Explosive Barrels and Taric”

This video came from my livestream , Quality will be different from other videos due to it being from a livestream archive. Nevertheless, it was too fun not to post XD.

Music in the background is from Celldweller and Blue Stahli and is used with the permission of FiXT Music.
You can find more music by Celldweller here:

And more music from other FiXT artists here:

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One thought on “LoL: Shotgun Blasts, Explosive Barrels and Taric [Taric Support]

  1. Sup gamebro,

    Hope everything is going good. I’m glad you’re able to keep the content rolling, however, I’ve watched LoL and I have to say I am just not into this game. At all… not even a little. Maybe it’s fun to play but not to watch. Smite was a little better but I’m just not down with the whole DOTA thing. We’ll catch you on the flip side of your HDPV purchase gamebro, take care. When the console games come back, could you play some more Armored Core V. I’m on the fence about buying that game because of all of the negative feedback I’ve read.

    Brofist for life

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