Smite: Ymir, Double Suicide at the Minotaur!

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God Gameplay

“Ymir, Double Suicide at the Minotaur!”

This video came from my livestream , Quality will be different from other videos due to it being from a livestream archive.

Music in the background is from Celldweller and Blue Stahli and is used with the permission of FiXT Music.
You can find more music by Celldweller and Blue Stahli here:

And more music from other FiXT artists here:

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One thought on “Smite: Ymir, Double Suicide at the Minotaur!

  1. dude you don’t play this game right just igniore the players and the minions and atack onmy the towers and the minotaur cause they dont respawn instead of taking the corridors u should also take the sneaky route to avoid pvp. hope this helps cause 8wins to 19 loses kinda sucks u know :/

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