Hello guys, several of you have asked for some of the music I’ve made in the past for my videos, that’s what this page is about, links to the MP3 files of stuff that I made, I’ll keep adding if I develop any other tracks.

Electrikhan – I was fooling around with some synth loops, and that came out.

My Song – Default name to Garage Band projects, therefor I allowed it to be the name for my first track.

Ruriolin – The track with the sweet violon loop, I’ve had copyright warnings about this song despite the fact they’re bogus because you can’t really claim right on a Garage band loop, but keep that in mind if you’re planning on using this music for anything.

Rurirock – Some guitar loops.

Feel free to use this music on any of your own projects, I’d appreciate a brief mention of my name and a link to my website, but I don’t really mind if you don’t. I know how hard it is when you want to make a project and use some music and can’t, so I try to make it as easier as possible. Share as much as you like, use as much as you like, enjoy as much as you like.

And here’s a track by Paul Desmond that I’ve used in some videos and several people have requested for it!
If you want to use this particular track though You’ll need to obtain permission from the artist, You can contact him through this e-mail address –

Metal Project – by Paul Desmond.