Nostalgia Night – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 1998

As you guys know, I’ve been working very closely with Chris aka Sidestrafe, and he’s doing some great content so I’d like to feature some of it in the website, specially as we move forward I expect to do a lot more collabs with him, so hopefully you guys can appreciate that.

Leave me some feedback of how you enjoy his content !

(press read more for video)

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia Night – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 1998

  1. it’s not ruri but it’s also fun.
    Not everyone will like this vid but i do und i think we both know:
    older games are mostly better then the new ones.
    I am looking forward to see you … on the next one.

  2. Really nice vid :) I have never played this game but my friend played it and he said he loved it and he wouldn’t stop telling me to buy it… But I never did… :(

  3. Hey Sidestrafe,

    I really like your reviews, very accurate and precise argumentation / criticism. Feel free to do some more should it be about older games that influenced you or recent ones :)


  4. Hellyeah :)Do we get to see some rurikhan nostalgia night aswell?
    maybe some SWAT 3 or Delta Force?
    and you werent the only one that transfered gaming into real life chris, i used to dream about counter-strike and scream out stuff like “bridge! b2 b2, he cw, awp link! and eco all mid etc etc” back in the days.. crazy!, but i think i played it everyday for 12hours a day (atleast) for 2 years active, then “inactive” some less hours a day for 7 years, so yeah.. no wonder it went to my head!. Anyway!, i vote for some swat3 or delta force content, maybe some other old tactical shooters or some other games from 1998-2000, the best gaming period in my opinion. It was back then when singleplayer games required dedication, where i would really had to think and fail, and thats were modern games got something to look back on, they’r far more easy mode now it seems like.. or is it me that just getting older in the game? looks like modern games focus abit to much on graphics, not saying thats bad but i dont get that feeling of achivement and success any more, except for certain mmorpg’s. i feel like you always know what to do, and what will happend, just like when you watch an very typicaly “american movie” that you can predict.
    So buttom line i would like to quote that “with failure comes great success” and i miss to fail! give me my feeling of victory back(and some rurikhan nostalgia shows) cherio fellas, stay classy.

  5. in case i sounded old and grumpy: there are many good games out there, not saying that there aint, just saying its to many bad ones thats “suppose” to be good ones.

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