Rurikhan’s Gragas, LoL!

Hello everyone,

This video is basically about … DOING BARREL ROLLS!
You guys get some Dwarven League of Legends action in here, make sure to leave your comments, thank you for watching!

9 thoughts on “Rurikhan’s Gragas, LoL!

  1. Hi Rurikhan
    Im a huge fan of your videos and ive been seeing slot of Them. If your would like tips about fragas try go to youtube and search: league of legends shushei gragas. Or something like that, because hes a really good gragas player from the team fnatic.msi.
    Aldo a little tip, read All of your items abilitys because for an example deathcrasp or what ever its called is also a damage ability like your barrel this one you just click on it and your target and it Will damage.
    My last tp is just if you want to get netter at lol. Just play play and play 😉


  2. hey ruri!!
    great video man, i think i`m going to check out LoL. Can you recommend a character for me?? :)

    Sometimes it seems like you got some issues whit the sound, atleast on this video. I don`t know if it`s just my computer that suck, cuz i`t does, but i just need to point that out.

    Keep up the good work man!

  3. Omg these noob League of Legends videos are funny 😀 U will get pissed off about even hearing the name of this game when ull play it long enough. I’ve been playing it from the start and it just drives me crazy. U can play it very well but if uve got a feeder team u will still loose. Btw nice videos, tgn started to become a peace of shit, miss the wow videos but whatever, good work overall. Oh and watch this video by wowcrendor, and if u can comment on it on the next show, it’s about why wow is becoming bad and what should be done to make it better, do u agree?

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