Rurikhan’s Pantheon, LoL!

Rurikhan goes League of Legends, getting it done with some Pantheon 3v3 action.



5 thoughts on “Rurikhan’s Pantheon, LoL!

  1. Rui… i have followed you since the start of WoTlK in wow. And i most have too say that ever since you stoped playing wow i have not seen any of your vid’s… but this one really got me back :) i play LoL my self, and i really still love your vid’s keep up the good work :)


    P.S. maby if you want we can play togetther some time?

  2. lol ruri… gatta say i love watching you play this game.. SHIELD SLAM FTW!!!! also it would be awesome if we could play together since ( I know the US server’s can do this) i can switch to EU and US servers… if this should make it to your next show it would be boss. and what do you think of league of legends so far after (during video) a day of playing?

  3. Omg Rurikhan accept my friends request iv seen all your videos since the beginning and i know this might not matter but im Portuguese. Thats a +1, i was born there too. Maybe theres a way we could know each other lol.

  4. I love ya man (no homo) but i loled so hard at youre noobness xD. btw you shouldnt start making videos of a agme youve only played a day of

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