The Witcher 2 Playthrough

Hello Everyone,

This is one of my latest projects, I’m going to be focusing a lot on this game, and I’m having such a blast with it. These are the first videos I’ve made for it. Check it out let me know what you think.

Cheers and thank you for watching.

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5 thoughts on “The Witcher 2 Playthrough

  1. thank you for the advice on this game ruri! its just great.. ive reached my first town now and it been a blast so far, love the cutscenes in it and the way it all just blends smootly togheter like a movie you can choose the path of.
    Since you recommended me this great game i will recommend Two worlds 2 to you, not as good as witcher 2 i think, but its definently worth testing out, very very good graphics aswell.
    anyway i owe you an norwegian sandwich for that.. ty.

  2. Hi Rurikhon, I really like your videos about WoW tank guides, its really help me. But im also happy (as a polish gamer ;)) that u show your Witcher 2 playthrough and u really like this game. Im glad to hear that u gonna do same with Witcher 1 because its answer many questions (not as much as books). Im recomending them to you to read if they were translated to english. They are awesome, presenting the origin of Geralt and his friends. If u are too lazy or dont have time to read them, and still want to know their plot, mail me I could summarize it for you. About Witcher 1 if u decide to do playthrough and you would have any questions, mail me i complete W1 like 5-6 times and i know everything about this game. Now about W2, unfortunetaly Quen sign is little overpowered if upgraded with talent points. Waiting for more videos about other games.
    Sorry for my english.

    PS. If u will read this comment on your show and u wil not have idea how to pronounce my nickname just skip it ;D

    PS2. Witcher ruleezzzz

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