Black Ops of FAIL! : Episode 1

By popular request, here’s another black ops video, I got some plans for making a few more of these, I’m slowly getting into shooters, and failing my way through them is the only way to get better it seems … tips appreciated !

Thanks for watching.

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7 thoughts on “Black Ops of FAIL! : Episode 1

  1. Well if you want more tactical gameplay as you advance farther im sure the prestige lobbies will get progressively harder and it also depends on your game type. For example Search and Destroy is more tactically based than TDM or Free-for-all. I also suggest stuns/flashes instead of smokes. Also running through the middle usually results in a lot of death i usually go around the sides looking out to the middle as i run through the sides. I also suggest the ghost perk because i see you like rushing a lot and there are usually spy planes up all the time. Commando is at like 44 i thought. Another tip is to keep an eye on your radar a lot just not too much. Sorry how lengthy this comment is and how it doesn’t flow at all.

  2. Not a fan of Fps, but was a fan of the commentary ^^ was fun just listening to you ramble been missing this from videos lately!

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