Dark Souls: Capra Demon Beatdown, Gaping Dragon Letdown…

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #5

“Capra Demon Beatdown, Gaping Dragon Letdown…”

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10 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Capra Demon Beatdown, Gaping Dragon Letdown…

  1. Lol if you had dark souls on Xbox I’d pown the dragon 4 you with my plus 5 lightning gargoyle halberd :)

  2. you should go look 4 the DEAMONs GREAT AXE its just screams dwar its withing your parameters because it has A in str. plz thimk about it its just BEAST bye.

  3. Mace to the faaaaaaaace!! Haha I was thinking in my head “you dirty rat, you killed my brother, you dirty rat!” and when you got to the big rat youre like in harmony to the face! Way to leave it like that Rudy, hope you make more video soon. KoA!!!!!

  4. Hey Ruri, I just needed to thank you, I was totally gonna pass on picking up Dark Souls, but your Let’s Play convinced me to buy it, and helped me massively through my first playthrough, I’m going through NG+ and loving every minute of it, just thought I’d let you know, it’s all because of you. Bro-Fist.

  5. I’m having real trouble beating the Four Kings on NG+, can you or anyone share their strategy on how you beat them, thanks.

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