Dark Souls: Drake Sword Fail, Club Farming

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #3

“Drake Sword Fail, Club Farming”

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11 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Drake Sword Fail, Club Farming

  1. That was a tremendous video, man. I laughed out loud at what you called that invader: Dr. Lame. Good stuff. Good stuff. As a major fan of dwarves myself, I’m looking forward to see how this character turns out. That club’s already doing some mob-stomping before even one upgrade.

  2. Ruri you should forget about the elite knight set, instead you should aim for the stone knight armor set, wich is outside the ruins where you meet the cat that puts you into the hunter covenant, that set is the one with the most poise after HavelĀ“s and you will need a lot of poise if you want to be a dwarf tank

  3. Not being rude or anything, but that red armor looks like Santa’s Pjs. Looks like Santa was about to go to bed and snuggle up with his rain-deers (you don’t want to know!), and then he noticed that there where a load of undead and demons around, so he thought he’d try and help out by beating them up with a weapon set that was intended to be a present to some medieval enactment fan.

  4. There’s nothing lamer then when the invader goes bitch and runs away to heal, or sit in the middle of a pack of enemies. If you’re the invader you have an obligation to hunt down and destroy the host.

  5. Hey Rurikhan! I really like how you are trying to make a dwarf character. I can’t wait to see how yours is going to turn out. You got me interested in making a dwarf looking character too. Here’s what mine look like.


    The picture quality isn’t the best since its a pic from my camera phone but hey, it looks like a fairly decent dwarf right?

  6. large club is best weapon in the game in my opionion. buff it with dmb/slb/cmw and get the hornet ring. most damage i have seen from any weapon if you have enough strength and intelligence or faith (depending on what your choice of buff is).

  7. Gogogo Dark Souls videos are nr 1! Love all of them, can’t wait for the next! :-)
    Btw your weapon in NG+ didn’t look like to deal a lot of damage…


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