Dark Souls: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (NG+)

Dark Souls NG+

Episode #29

“Gwyn, Lord of Cinder”

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12 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (NG+)

  1. I missed that song. If I ever hear it again I’ll immediately think of you, Rurikhan…dying multiple times in amusing ways.

    Great game, good Let’s Play, I’ll miss it but I look forward to the next project.

  2. Great final episode, Ruri! I look forward to your coverage on Dragon’s Dogma, Demon’s Souls, or whatever rpg/hack n’ slash you choose to do next! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey, this has nothing to do with Dark Souls, but since this is the latest vid i believe it’s more likely that you will read this.

    Regarding Kingdoms of Amalur, since you are complaining that you have to ask them about questlocations despite that they already told etc. let me tell you this:
    If there is an questionmark next to the topic then you already got the quest an can stop. You don’t have to ask that question to get the quest. Just try it next time. When you get to the point where they told you what you have to do and there is the topic with the questionmark displayed just quit the conversation and you will see that you already got the quest.

    Hope this helps.

    Bye bye

    • Btw. great Dark Souls videos 😀
      I love that game and i loved Demon Souls. Can’t wait for you vids on Demon Souls^^.

      • oh man i am really sorry about this butchered comment… one last thing: you can put running on L3 in the option, that way you wont talk with people when you want to run.

  4. Sup Gamebro? Awesome final episode, I’m sorry to see it come to an end but I know there is oh-so-more to come. I have to admit, You got me there with your music stopping gag, man. I kept thinkin’, damn how’s he gonna come back from that hit? Great finish takin it to that hairy bastard parry style. Thanks for sharing your game with all of us and we’ll see YOU in the next one.
    Brofist for life.

  5. Haha yes!!!!! Best ending ever! Got to give it to da khan you really surprised me on this one. Whoever said you couldn’t parry just got shut up! Gotta say though this has been an awesome series and I am proud to say I have watched every minute of your dark souls coverage. Hopefully we will see some more every now and then, but untill then, I will see you on the next one! BRO FIST!

  6. Tremendous ending my bro! The Dark souls play through you shared with us will live on forever, it was a great time watching every episode. Btw Epic parrying FTW. Haha funny costume at the end also. Looking forward to kingdoms of Amalur now!!!!!!!


  7. Great series Ruri. Watched them all and loved them all. I’m interested in seeing your Demons Souls playthrough although I’ll pretty much watch anything you decide on!
    Peace Bro

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