Dark Souls: Loot Darkroot, Bell Gargoyles

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #4

“Loot Darkroot, Bell Gargoyles”

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12 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Loot Darkroot, Bell Gargoyles

  1. Good stuff, man. Lookin’ more dwarf-like by the minute!

    We got Asterix in the US, but kind of unheard of. Just wait till it gets the Tin-Tin treatment though and all of a sudden everyone will claim they’ve heard and/or had been fans for years.

  2. For a awesome dwarf weapon kill the Giant blacksmith and get his electric hammer. great show plz dont end dark souls vids

  3. Hahah dancing queer!! That was hilarious. Bro you definitely should keep recording this play through. It’s awesome how I’m also doing a strength build to use beast weapons. Keep it up…BRO!


  4. I think you should let lautrec alive just to show us the invasion and dialogue of the firekeeper who will be able to talk after resurrection.

    If u don’t want to just screw my comment ’cause you are a Dwarf with a fucking treelock!
    BTW,what covenant do you plan to join?
    Oh,and we have Asterix in germany,but i don’t know about the U.S.

    Anyway keep your work up,it’s awesome.

  5. “Dancing queer” was probably the quote of the day.

    I think you’ll have a tough go using that club for PvP. The problem that I foresee is that it’s slow as hell and it’s angle of attack is vertical. The zheihander is slow but the angle of attack is horizontal so it’s atleast easier to get that arcing damage.

  6. Hey ruri keep up the AMAZING vids i freakin love em bro, the demon’s souls playthrough/walkthrough is the bomb!

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