Dark Souls: Lordvessel and Demon Firesage

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #13

“Lordvessel and Demon Firesage”

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6 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Lordvessel and Demon Firesage

  1. Damn it’s good to be back among the elite I’ve been so busy I haven’t been on For over a month.
    Glad I’m back Ruri 😀 Sadly far to many vids to catch up on. I haven’t been on since KGC 3 lol.

  2. hey ruri great vid and glad you got your new capture card ! i have a question for you 😛 since the headstart of GW2 is only 4 days away i’d like to ask you in which world or server (or whatever it is called :P) are you gonna play 😛 its cool if you dont want to say that in public but i thought it would be fun to play with you sometime !
    keep up the great work

  3. A game you might like is Heroes of Ruin for the 3DS I have recently completed it and have to say it is a great game.

  4. Anyway dont give that shit about nito being hard at low health I beat him at level 1
    Also BoC at level 1 and 4 kings at level 1. So don’t give that low health crap.

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