Dark Souls – Onward, to Sen’s Fortress!

In this episode, we Journey to Sen’s Fortress to have some fun …All those traps, which just happen to have friendly damage … EHEHEHEH.

Snake peeps are never gonna know what hit em … well they might know, but it’s gonna be fun nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “Dark Souls – Onward, to Sen’s Fortress!

  1. Hey, Ruri! I like all your videos very much and Dark Souls particularly! Keep going, man!

    I am a huge fan of RPGs but I was quite sceptic about this game. When it came out I at first decided to skip it but gaving seen lots of your Dark Souls videos I became very excited about it: your style, explanations, advices and tips for new players was so nice that I tried to play Dark Souls myself.

    Now I can say that you completely cursed me with this game:), I cant get enough of it. Playing as a sorcerer, almost level 70 now:) Just killed Quelaag, ringed the second bell and tomorrow going for Ceaseless Discharge and further through the game:)

    Thanks a lot Man that brought me in this wonderful and challenging game.

    As you said in one of you shows – I agree that you deserve to get paid for bringing people to games:)

    Good Luck!

  2. Ruri im only gonna say this once, I wish you would do more episodes more often, not like u cant slow them on TGN but keep them coming here, lots of <3 😛

  3. I consider myself a casual gamer and play games to relax and have some fun. I seldom play RPG’s as they are often too time-consuming for me. So I thought Dark Souls is not the right one for me, blabla, long story short: in the end I bought it nonetheless (for various boring reasons).

    So I started playing Dark Souls … and now I can’t get enough of it. And I have double the fun with Dark Souls as I watch you going through the areas I have been exploring myself a few days before. I really like your videos (death montages ftw!), how you present the game, your comments and tips. So keep up the good work!

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