Dark Souls: Raiding Sen’s Fortress

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #8

“Raiding Sen’s Fortress”

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3 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Raiding Sen’s Fortress

  1. Hey Rurikhan. I’m still a relatively young gamer compared to most adults gaming now, having only have been seriously gaming for the past 5 years and boot camp (15 weeks) with the US Army and training after has affected how much I get to play and my overall skill level. Whenever I get the chance I love watching your videos as the content you put out is always excellent and the commentary is stellar. I just thought I would ask this question about your Dark Souls videos. You mentioned that you didn’t like the suggestions for your character for the Prepare to Die edition. Would you be willing to use Ultra GreatSwords like Black Knight Greatsword or Dragon Greatsword?
    P.S. Happy Birthday Ruri!

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