Dark Souls: Smough & Ornstein

Dark Souls Dwarven Edition!

Season 2 Episode #11

“Smough & Ornstein”

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8 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Smough & Ornstein

  1. in one of your previous vids there was a place were someone died and you were like om how can you die here he propably fell down. wouldn’t it make more sence to say he might have been invaded and then died like you did so many times when you get invaded?

  2. Hey ruri hope your doin well pal, just a quick question for ya mate . . . i was wondering what character your goin to play when the prepare to die edition comes out ? Will it be a dwarf or ? Anyway that’s it mate hope to hear from ya soon bruv much love from Essex bro fist ! PS darksiders 2 for the win !

  3. Hey Ruri, here’s hoping everything gets squared away with your videos. It sucks about YouTube, and your recording equipment, but rest assured we dedicated watchers will stick by while you’re going through this crappy patch. If you start a Pitch-In or a KickStarter, please put a link up here or on Twitter or something. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know I’ll throw in what I can. Keep up the good work and stay positive. Stuff will smooth out soon enough. Bro-fist.

  4. shouldn’t anestesia be naked since you picked up all of her clothes from her dead corpse? not that i want naked caracters in games but it would make more sence…

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