Dark Souls – Weapon, Covenant and Leeroy Jenkins!

In this episode, I reveal the most voted choices for my weapon and covenant, and I bring you … Leeroy Jenkins! In Dark Souls … Enjoy!

Hope you guys are enjoying the series!

3 thoughts on “Dark Souls – Weapon, Covenant and Leeroy Jenkins!

  1. I think the wheels you’re fighting during the Jenkins clip are a reference to Berserk, a degenerate manga from the ’90s,an inquisitor uses a similar tool to torture prisoners.
    Love this series,btw,just can’t get enough

  2. Great series so far Rurikhan! One note on the weapon choices, though…

    According to the Future Press guide, if you ascend a katana type weapon with the Soul of Quelaag, you get the Chaos Blade, not the Furysword. If it’s right, you have to ascend a curved sword or curved greatsword to get Quelaag’s Furysword. I think you’ve already got a Shotel, which is a curved sword.


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