Dead Space : Double Tap Rule!

Dead Space

Episode #0

“Double Tap Rule!”

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19 thoughts on “Dead Space : Double Tap Rule!

  1. Could be a real great series. Watching someone play Dead Space for the first time is priceless. Especially when you’ve beaten it and know what’s coming up then try to guess how badly you’ll shit your pants.

    I have to say though, I spent the entire episode screaming at you to use the secondary attack and start shooting at their legs.

  2. Video quality is extremely good, and yeah the graphics are very good, just wait till dead space 2 :). Thanks Paul for donating this amazing game! You should definitely do a let’s play here bro instant hit!! Do you like survival horror games now? Lol I hope soo! And bro u can stomp those green shining boxes for loot! Or as you say “sweet sweet loot” lol. You’ll be able to pick up arms later ruri good intuition my bro!! Btw at the tram place with the claws, there was a stasis refueling place. And you can go in inventory and use the module you pick up. Haha and you don’t have to save so often but it’s ok. Hope you continue playing this game even when diablo comes out. It’s a good change from the normal stuff, which is really really good. Hope other people agree.cuz it seems like you like this game! :). You’ll be able to kinesis and throw the red capsules and explore them to the faaaaaace. And love your face during the game! You’re like “wtfff?!?!?” lol. Btw you got a good hang of shooting at the end!

  3. Oh btw bro, you can shoot with the plasma cutter horizontally instead of vertically, it’s so much better for cutting of those limbs. It’s the secondary shooting mode, idk how to do it on pc but I’m sure you’ll see how to soon.

  4. Yea rurikhan you really should consider doing a let’s play for dead space Seems like it would be received well

  5. If ya don’t mind me asking bro, what device are you using to capture this. The quality is great. I myself would love to not have to use Fraps to record on the pc and then have a bunch of files equaling more in size than this world has in money.. Yes I know a bit exaggerated. Just thought I’d ask, thanks Ruri, bro-fist.

  6. LOOL I bet if you played this without recording you’d be a whole lot more scared because you’d have no one to talk to

  7. Yes. Hell yes. I live the Dead Space series, especially the second one. But not to jump on the bandwagon to nag Rurikhan, but yeah, the alt fire on the plasma cutter is ESSENTIAL. But I have a suggestion: lights off and volume up, man. It’s the only way to play Dead Space.

  8. Great vid ruri great quality and hell yeah you should continue this show…
    Start smashing those boxes mate 😛 and turn the plasma cutter to horizontal(its done by pressing Space if i remember correctly) its way more easy to cut of legs like that

  9. No way! Dead Space is getting old, but I’m in full support of seeing this series to it’s fullest. Also nice touch with the colour of the commentator cam, suits the game. The intro was also very well presented, their only minor things, but deserve props all the same.

    Call this a +1 for a Dead Space series.

  10. IMO this really brings fresh air among all those RPGs, I lol’d a lot, I mean A LOT really, watched the part with the noisy mechanism at least 10 times and coudn’t stop rofling! Amazing entertainment !

  11. I gotta ask, how did you play that without completely shitting your pants? I have played Dead Space before so I know what to expect and I was still freaking out and crying like a little girl. Btw I’m the one who posted the ZOMGs comment and idk why it said anonymous.

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