Dead Space: Hydroponics Alien Poison

Dead Space

Episode #11

“Hydroponics Alien Poison”

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4 thoughts on “Dead Space: Hydroponics Alien Poison

  1. Hey Ruri,

    Well, thought it’d be best if I posted here instead of posting at the Khan’s Gamecast video. Apparently it is already full of posts, and mine would be lost between them.

    So, first things first. Congratulations with the Dead Space videos. It also surprised me to realize I had been completly blown out by this game. I know it is easy to make my comparison seem like crap, but I think of Dead Space as a futuristic version of our old Demon Soul (which, by the way, is better than Dark Souls and yet you didn’t talk about a NG+ version of the gameplay).

    Now, on the other hand, I may be alone on the opinion that Dragon’s Dogma is not entertaining. And I don’t mean it’s not a great game, as I know it is. I just mean that it’s not a good game to coment or to make commentary videos about. Sure, it is fine to do a play through, but, c’mon, we all know that Ruri’s videos aren’t just that.

    Lastly, I like Diablo III very much, but I’m not as focused on it as, say, WoW. So, just a nice game that I play casually.

    Now, for my question, which has actually absolutely nothing to do with any of your present gameplays: Which one should I buy to play Demon’s and Dark Souls, PS3 or xBox? My girlfriend told me the xBox has better graphics for its games, but I keep hearing about the PS3’s graphics. What’s your take on it?

    Hope it gets to your 5 final questions, lad. Otherwise, I would appreciate an answer here at the website anyways.


    • For starters, you can’t really play Demon’s Souls on the Xbox 360, it’s playstation exclusive title last time I checked, so to play Demon’s Souls there’s only one choice.

      Regarding graphics, from a hardware standpoint, the PlayStation is a more powerful platform, I’m talking about raw stats and power the playstation simple comes out on top.

      Some people believe the Xbox 360 has better graphics simply because microsoft claims all their games run at 1080p, however 90% of time it’s just standard upscaling (which is not true 1080p it’s just stretched 720p so you can’t even tell the difference.

      Now on the other hand, a lot of games are developed first for the Xbox and then ported to the PlayStation, which does mean every now and then a title will come out that will perform better on the Xbox.

      Another thing you should factor in is that you need to pay a monthly fee to play multiplayer in the Xbox, whereas the multiplayer on the Playstation is free, granted the Xbox might have better multiplayer support.

      It’s a tough decision to make, when I had to make it, the deciding factors were:
      – PS3 is more powerful from a hardware perspective
      – Online play is free
      – I have more friends with PS3 than 360
      – God of War, WipEout HD, Demon’s Souls are all PS3 exclusives.

      Good luck!

  2. Loving this series. It’s great to see that I wasn’t the only one flinching at the scares. Dead Space was one of the only remaining survival horror series that stats true to the roots of the genre and it makes for a great watch as you go through it. Hopefully you might cover Dead Space 2 after this one. It was, in my opinion, even better.

    Not sure how I feel about how Dead Space 3 will be, especially how it’s basically shaping up to be Lost Planet with dude-bro dialog, but hey, I’ve been wrong before about sequels.

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