Dead Space: Portuguese Ghetto Style

Dead Space

Episode #6

“Portuguese Ghetto Style”

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One thought on “Dead Space: Portuguese Ghetto Style

  1. Hey Rui,

    Just wanted to leave my opinion regarding the series you are covering at the moment.

    Right now and even if I’m not a huge fan of shooters (not FPS at least, TPS are ok) the series I prefer BY FAR is Dead Space. This game has everything to be entertaining, not much exploration, surprises all over the place, reasonable difficulty (considering you suck at aiming as well lol). The fact you do not know what’s coming next is a HUGE advantage for your audience imo, we want you to discover the content at the same time as we do and get your fresh reactions. Thumbs up for Dead Space 2 once this one is finished :)

    Demon Souls is pretty sweet although I am a bit fed up of watching you rolling through the content pretty easily (with very few exceptions of course). Don’t get me wrong the game is great but you are too pro for it after all the experience with Dark Souls.

    Dragon’s Dogma won’t make it imo, you gonna face the same issues as with Skyrim (open world = problem with action timing = boring to watch 80% of the time = way too long game to make a series until the end anyway). Strangely enough the game seems a mix of Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur btw… with their good and bad things…

    Diablo hardcore is a BAD idea imo, I already know you gonna die because of lag, blame Blizzard, get a lot of dislikes on Youtube because of it and you won’t probably even start a barb because you’ll be fed up.

    Keep doing your great job, been following you since the beginning and will keep supporting you no matter what game you play but you should really consider doing series for games that are well designed to do it :)


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