Dead Space: Tentacles of Doom

Dead Space

Episode #12

“Tentacles of Doom”

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One thought on “Dead Space: Tentacles of Doom

  1. Like your vids but I gotta admit it is a little frustrating watching you play Dead Space. Just my opinion, but a few tips/comments:

    -You can reload any of your weapons by urgrading the capacity (not really an issue for me just an observation since you run low at times)
    -The line gun has an alternate fire (timed mine) using R2 that is useful against large groups and strong enemies (woulda worked well against this boss, and saved you some ammo)
    -Often times you don’t check your inventory at the stores so you end up going into a new new area and can only loot a few items, however you haven’t been doing this as much
    -Lastly, you still don’t use the stasis that much. Just saying if you find yourself dying multiple times you probably need to use more of the options that the game lets you use
    -You tend to miss quite a bit of loot, but you also haven’t been doing this as much
    -Also, a good way to get nodes is to sell some of your hp. I know you love your HP but anything over 5 in your inventory is overkill imo as you get a lot of HP throughout the game.

    Of course the way you play is completely up to you, but as someone who has beaten both games multiple times it can be a bit frustrating to watch you struggle at times when it seems like if you played a bit differently you might enjoy it more? Just my thoughts

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