Demon’s Souls: Exploring the Shrine of Storms

Demon’s Souls

Episode #30

“Exploring the Shrine of Storms”

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3 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Exploring the Shrine of Storms

  1. Yay! They’re not closing the servers on may 31st!!!! Long live demon souls!!!

    awesome coverage Khan! you’re a lifesaver!

  2. I got two questions for your next podcast Special K.

    1) What’s your opinion of 38 Studios laying off their entire staff? Curt Schilling, the owner of 38 studios said the game sold 1.2 million but apparently is needed to sell 3 million just to be profitable. Could this have been preventable if KoA was a better game? or is management to blame?

    2) What is TGS doing to promote your show? Are you going to be featured in any other podcasts? Truthfully, Total Biscuit and yourself are the only two guys on the channel I enjoy.

  3. Hey Ruri you should go get more miracles
    Yurias witchcraft can be done with a Talisman
    And Saint Urban can sell miracles (I’ve seen ep31 now)
    So go buy second chance. (Very useful and WILL cut down your
    Deaths. So less Death montages.)
    Good luck in 1-4 (Try get a summoning partner will make it far easier)
    Also can you do NG+ Demon Souls like you did with Dark Souls?

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