Demon’s Souls: Flamelurker Beatdown!

Demon’s Souls

Episode #20

“Flamelurker Beatdown!”

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8 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Flamelurker Beatdown!

  1. You need to run out his talking options first it should work now.
    And you went the shortcut so missed tons of items!

  2. Oh man. That son of a bitch Flamelurker. It’s especially great fighting him once you get him down to his last 1/3 of life how he spams that AOE blast over and over. Somehow, I killed him in one shot too, but just BARELY. I had just the tiniest sliver of health after that fight and nearly had a heartattack. Good job with it, Khan.

  3. Yo I’m soooo mad you one-shotted the flamelurker lol, i died so many god-damn times!!…but i can’t be too mad since i one-shotted the leechmonger

  4. Bahahahahahahahaha peace ruri… Oh wait… You one killed the flame lurker… In one try… Nevermind then…

  5. I didn’t die once on any boss apart from Astriea in my most recent playthrough and that was only because I fell off the cliff and was Gang raped by the babies.

  6. Oh dude u sure showed us how it’s done :)
    Whipping that steaming ass like a BOSS!!
    I just got one thing to say

    !! Don’t mess with the Khan !!


  7. Lol so true MegaDeluxo
    But practically everyone who
    Comments on this website knows
    What I mean xD :) 😀 😉 ;D 8) 8D :-) :â€Ē) 😀 :â€ĒD x-D xâ€ĒD 😎 8-D

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