Demon’s Souls: Fool’s Idol and Latria’s Black Phantom

Demon’s Souls

Episode #12

“Fool’s Idol and Latria’s Black Phantom”

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Music – “Never Get Out” by Brad Sucks:

10 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Fool’s Idol and Latria’s Black Phantom

  1. Now you can touch the demon inside her!! More octopus dude deaths huh? U mad..BRO? Haha love how you actually got up because you were so pissed lol. Bonzaiiiiiii


  2. Esse “foda-se” chegou para me fazer esquecer o dia de merda que passei hoje 😀 obgd por o fun Rui, continua :)

  3. Hahaha you can’t underestimate the Mind Flayer’s dude they’ll kill you easily with that annoying paralysing combo they use xD

    P.S beware of the Red Mind Flayer O_o

  4. I missed that tune.

    You may have to start hauling ass on these games Khan. Neither KoA or Demon Souls is nearly half finished and Diablo 3 and Dragons Dogma are dropping mid May. You may want to concentrate on the more popular if you were hoping to finish one game in time to cover D3 and DD.

    Much Respect. Bro-fist.

  5. Sweet video rurikhan. Just wondering if you have ever played a game called Titan quest. It is for pc and very similar to diablo. If you have time you should look it up. Can’t wait for dragons dogma it’s gonna be sweet. Bro fist

  6. After playing dark souls I would love to play demon souls o wait I have a 360. These videos are a nice way to see the original without playing it. Keep up the good work rurikhan. Bro fist

  7. Hey wanna do some co op in demon souls
    Im not sure what your SL is but I have a SL9
    and a SL71 the SL9 can easily level up 😀

  8. LOL That was epic seeing you get out of the chair when you were pissed. I think we all had moments in dark souls and demon souls were we wanted to destroy our consoles lmaoooo. Wait till you get to the area in Tower of Latria where you have to fight a few of them in order to reach the BOSS!!

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