Demon’s Souls: Leechmonger run take 57 …

Demon’s Souls

Episode #15

“Leechmonger run take 57 …”

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Music – “Never Get Out” by Brad Sucks:

8 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Leechmonger run take 57 …

  1. Hi Ruri,

    man i have to say i love this video… you die so much and i have to say i love it. i am so sorry but it’s just so much fun.
    It was the same for me when i was in that zone for the first time.
    I even threw my controller against the wall it was so fucked up… just thinking about it blows my head up right away …..ARRGH!!!

    ……*calming down again*……

    Ok back to the vid.
    At the end when you beat the boss that’s the feeling every game should give you. Sadly there are not many games that give you that feeling.
    It’s the same for me after i beat a really hard boss it’s the best feeling! I love it.

    Oh and by the way: next time try some fire on that sucker most of the bosses do have a weakness to fire.

    greetings Nevermind

  2. Ruri which game did/do you think is more difficult (sorry if you already answered this) Demons Souls or Dark Souls and why?

  3. I found Leechmonger the easiest boss in the game.
    Hardest would have to be dragon god solo on ng (the only boss I died on(this is my most recent playthrough)) and the hardest on ng+ so far would be maneaters (10-12 deaths)
    I can still co op
    SL126 ng+

  4. @soul King

    Dragon god ? i’m not sure if i agree there. Dragon god is more like a puzzle with all the catapults. In my opinion flamelurker in ng+ or even in ng he is hard. Penetrator can also be a pain in the ass ( lol, sorry for the bad joke), if you take him on solo ( without Biorr ) Note: i am talking about melee here! A real man goes melee all the way 😉

    greetings Nevermind

  5. I always know when Ruri is about to receive a smack down in montage form when Bad Sucks starts up, haha. But you always come through in the end, man. Perseverance!

  6. I find FlameLurker piss easy on ng
    And ng + never died on either attempt
    I had plus 6 scmitar on ng and soul Brandt on ng+

  7. You think that was bad Brother!? That frustration, that feeling up helplessness, that was merely a grain of sand and I, I AM AN ENTIRE DESERT OF PAIN BROTHER!

  8. Hey ruri todays my birthday 24 years young ( may 2nd ) can u give ashley Harris a big birthday shoutout on your next show please mate , i share a birthday with David Beckham and adolf Hitler i guess that’s where i get my good looks and evil streak on from ! Anyway keep up the great work ruri ! BRO FIST ! HOORAH

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