Demon’s Souls: Maiden Astraea & Garl Vinland

Demon’s Souls

Episode #19

“Maiden Astraea & Garl Vinland ”

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6 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Maiden Astraea & Garl Vinland

  1. Yessssss first! xD finally found that shortcut u were talking so much about ehh? Haha was almost starting to think u were just going crazy or something. Anyways nice vids as always ruri and BRO-FIST!

  2. Always be aware that arrows weigh you down, i almost had to pass up on the brushwoord armour because i was too heavy

  3. Nice vid ruri, got kinda cocky but the boss was super easy looking so you were safe hahah. Touch the demonnnnn

  4. Hi Ruri!
    Another great video.
    i just want retify what you said.
    Crescent weapons scale with magic stat only and regenerate MP, not faith like you mentioned.
    Blessed weapons like your mace scale with faith and have HP regeneration.

    keep going with demons souls video!!

  5. Before i forget!

    with maiden austrea soul you can forge Blueblood sword.
    if you have a high Luck stat (30+) is the best sword in the game
    can be enchanted and use (black)turpentine.
    if you use it with hyper mode and with light weapon spell you reach 2500 attack power.
    i have it in my main character with 99 luck. since i have 80 endurance, you can swing over and over again.
    you need to try it out.

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