Demon’s Souls: Ostrava’s Demise and Old King Doran

Demon’s Souls

Episode #33

“Ostrava’s Demise and Old King Doran”

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Music by Lost Within and Brad Sucks in this video.

7 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Ostrava’s Demise and Old King Doran

  1. You can still get ostavas weapons

    Also you missed a sword and shield in 1-4 go to area where the dragon flew after arrows to the torso but don’t go up towards where it was go down
    It’s the knight sword and shield

    Also for interests sake Doran has the Northen Reguilarar (gonna be wrong spelling)
    Which you can get my getting demon and soul Brandt and old kings soul (next boss)
    And forging them in 2-1 the Reguliarar is real OP for me
    • •

  2. LOL love the vid u were super insanely lucky on that last fight to get in 5 backstabs then get hit and still survive with no energy lol. the northern regalia was for me the next weapon in the game as it scales with either black or white tendency. The blueblood sword was also really good as u could enchant it. Can’t wait for ng + ruri bro fist !!!1

  3. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN!!!! Y U NO UPLOAD MOAR DEMON’S SOULS? And i guess your butthole just dosen’t ever get a break eh? 😉

  4. so you went through all of that to get an armor that is weaker then the one you had just to do 1 fight with it? no offence but i don’t realy think that’s worth it ^^

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