Demon’s Souls: Unfinished Business, Large Moonlight Sword

Demon’s Souls

Episode #21

“Unfinished Business, Large Moonlight Sword”

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2 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls: Unfinished Business, Large Moonlight Sword

  1. Oh man, I spent so much time in Stone Fang Tunnel. Thought that zone would never end. Especially once you’re waaay down in there with that freaking river of lava and those enormous stone beetles. Freaking nightmare. Glad From Software was nice enough (a rarity, haha) to put in a shortcut near the beginning, albeit one that involves perfectly precise drops from platform to platform. Either way, looks like you’re about getting to the end of good ol’ Demon’s Souls, Khan. Good luck with the next boss, that dragon can be a pain in the ass.

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