Dragon’s Dogma: Trying out the Demo!

Dragon’s Dogma

Episode #0

“Trying out the Demo!”

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13 thoughts on “Dragon’s Dogma: Trying out the Demo!

  1. It’s alrighttt, I’ll watch it cuz its my bro playing it, but it not my favv, seems kinda boring. Great graphics though, and it’s cool u can pick up stuff.

  2. Hey Ruri thx for the explanation on why your demon souls video’s are a bit short. I had asked before but I think u missed it, but anyway why are you playing Kindoms of Amalar on the PS3 and not on your pc ? Do you enjoy playing on the console more than your pc now ? Thanks man BRO FIST !!!

  3. I love the way this game plays. I tried the demo out right after I watched your vid and I can’t wait to get it. I love the grab move, especially on monsters, brings back memories of Shadow of the Colossus. Anyways thanks for the great vid man, can’t wait to watch you play this sweet game.

  4. Dwarf mode commence! Cannot wait for this title to come out as well as your Let’s Play series. I’ll be using this site like I would a strategy guide, just like I did with Dark Souls!

  5. Whats up Rurikhan? Over the weekend I tried out the Dragons Dogma demo and was overall impressed. The demo was very short and didn’t give me enough feel over the game mechanics yet, but still it was alot of fun and I hopefully will be even more pleased when the game comes out! (Sorry Diablo 3 you can wait.)

    Anyways, I had expected the game to feel like Monster Hunter, and in a way it did. But after playing the demo I was glad to it had its own sort of style. The bosses are epic and look amazing, and the pawns are well, helpful.(Sorry Lydia.)

    But my question is have you ever played Monster Hunter? It seems like a game you would enjoy and be awesome at, personally I love it. But if you have do you see any resemblence to the franchise? Other than they are both made by Capcom of course.

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

  6. hey rurikhan, i love you’re videos and i don’t want to offense you or something but i played through this demo myself and i found out that there are a lot of hidden items that you’ve passed i think in this game you should keep in mind that checking every corner of the map can be very useful for example in the first room with several goblins in one corner you shall find a pit with some burning stuff you can find 1 item and some money (witch i admit isn’t very useful in the demo) and in the opposite corner is a cliff where you might think omg I’ll die if i fall down there but actually there is a little cliff with a potion on it that heals and restores stamina also you can open the chests like the one at 17:42 they contain random items with can be very useful i got a potion that prevents stamina from lowering for a certain time (so you can hold on to the chimera for a really long time for example) now one more thing: you can grab the dude who gets attacked by goblins and take him to fight with you even and the 2 dudes that won’t enter the chimera room , if you throw them in they’ll fight with you against the boss.

    sorry for the long post, but keep these things in mind as you play the game.Realy looking forward to the upcoming videos.

  7. I got dragons dogma and there are two types of charecters who can use shields,mystik(they spell it weird) knight,and fighter.you play the fighter in the demo.the mystic knight puts spells on his shield(sorry no shield slams),like firecounter(when someone hits your shield they get knocked back and fire damage)and you can use swords and maces.by the way when are you actually gong to play the game,Its been out for like 4 days and Im dieing to see you play

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