[Unboxing] iMac 27″ & PS3

This is the video of me, Senslyn and Noxxtom unboxing my new iMac and Playstation 3.

Press the read more button to see the video.

13 thoughts on “[Unboxing] iMac 27″ & PS3

  1. I just bought a Macbook Pro 17″ i7 8GB 128GB SSD, but I think I should have got an iMac, but I like being able to bring my PC around.. It’s coming to my mailbox any time soon!:d

    • Make an unboxing video ! :)

      And yeah I love to have a laptop, but I have a laptop from work, so at home I just enjoy drooling at that beast of a display that comes on the iMac 27″ .

  2. Hey Ruri. After a 2 year break from wow I’ve returned and rolled a Warrior. So much in wow has changed it’s unreal. I searched YouTube and your vids on YouTube have been absolutely fantastic. I’ve watched your warrior tanking guide too many times. Your work in YouTube and now this website is great.

    Just a few Q’s. I thought you got a Mac Pro? How come you got the iMac? Isn’t the macpro more powerful? I should be getting mine this year.
    Also are you on Silvermoon EU?
    My old a/c was Zenedar horde but I’m now Wildhammer Aliance.

    Keep up the truly awesome work

    Keep up the truly awesome work.

    • Yes I had a Mac Pro, and Yes the Mac Pro is a lot more powerful than the iMac. However the thing is, the Mac Pro was bought as a company, and basically I’m no longer a stockholder in the company so basically the computer wasn’t mine anymore. Which is also the reason I was absent from youtube for so long, I didn’t have my own computer. So now my father actually bought the iMac for me, because I couldn’t afford it, and the display is just so awesome to work on videos I could edit videos all day long in my iMac and I still wouldn’t get tired of it.

      And yes all my characters are on Silvermoon-EU, but I’m taking an extended break from WoW atm.

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  4. You like the iMac? i’m thinking about buying one. the 27 inch i7 and 8gb RAM. Anything special i should now about? I will mostly be playing WoW on it looks awesome on that 27 inch screen :)

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