KGC2: Dark Souls PC Discussion

Khan’s Game Cast #2
– “Dark Souls PC”

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Relevant links to the show (I hope I didn’t forget anything, feel free to crucify me if I did, preferably in one of my social networks):

Audio Only Version


7 thoughts on “KGC2: Dark Souls PC Discussion

  1. Real excited for dark souls on pc. Regarding “hollowed”, I really enjoyed it. Cool stuff and background information that was pretty neat. I think it was worth the hours you put it. I mean you were the one who convinced me to buy the game. Anyway, nice video as usual. Bro fist

  2. Khan, I will take issue with something you said about exclusives not being released across all platforms only hurts the gamer. The exception to that are PC exclusives, if they went cross platform the one that get hurt are the PC gamers.

    Case in point, look at The Witcher 2. As awesome as CDPR is, I have a hard time believe the PC version would be as great as it is if it was released with the 360 version. I believe all it would is a 360 port. CRPR may be the exception to the rule though, I guess we’ll find out if The Witcher 3 is released on the 360 and PC at the same time.

  3. Hey Ruri,

    i think that dark souls on PC could be good BUT (!!) it has to be a good port! There are tons of games that where ported and are a giant load of elephant dung.
    But well we will see.

    Here some questions:

    Do you think that there will be mods for dark souls on PC ?
    Like new bosses, harder difficult level. (yes harder! why ? because it’s fun! get your ass kicked like 100 times by a boss or a situation with some kick-ass-rat-hounds and then finally come through, is it not one of the best feelings ? It sure is!!)
    Regarding the mods i’m not talking about drop mods or shit like that !

    My second question is what do you think of the game series Tomb Raider ?
    Tomb Raider 1 was my first PC-Game. It had so much fun in playing it. I enjoy struggling my way through a antic temple and avoiding traps and stuff like that.
    Some of my friends think that Tomb Raider is more like a game for children but i like to play it anyway …
    The new Tomb Raider already on its way and i am really looking forward to it.

    Ok now you guys can boil me, fry me, grill me because i like that series but i will play it anyway.

    bro fist all the way from Stuttgart in Germany

  4. Rurikhan,

    I’ve been watching ur demon souls / dark souls series for quite some time now. Im a pc gamer and don’t own any console. Lately I’ve been thinking of getting a ps3 and these two games but im still not sure. I don’t have much free time since I have a full time job and have to travel frequently, im mostly a casual player and play about 8 to 10 hours a week tops.

    What should I do? Go ahead and get the ps3 or wait for the pc realese?

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