KGC#4 – Diablo 3, E3 and Me!

Khan’s Game Cast #4

– “Diablo 3, E3 and Me!”

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5 thoughts on “KGC#4 – Diablo 3, E3 and Me!

  1. I learned not to like Blizzard!
    They became a cash sucking game company, that focus on ways to absorb your health, sorry i meant money!!

  2. Hey ruri,

    Im a relatively new fan, i watched you video series with yong on sky rim vs dark souls and REALLY enjoyed it so thought id check u out:) since then i have not failed to watch a single video you have put out apart from you KoA series because i played the game already and wasn’t a huge fan :(
    I was wondering wether you would be interested in playing fallout? (3 or new vegas) and i am happy to donate them to you but only if you would be interested?

    Also just wanted to say how much of a die hard fan i am and i have been telling all my friends to check you out!
    I love all your videos because for games i cannot get e.g. diablo 3 you put out great informative videos and for ones i have played through countless times e.g. dark souls, you put out videos with new spins on the games!

    Keep going strong man and maybe take a week out sometime? I know you work really hard and it might be a good idea,

    Loving the videos, BROFIST

    Makaveli1996 (Though i look on you as my friend so you can call me Leo 😉 )

  3. hey bro! first of all i’d like to congratulate you for what you said about diablo. that is the truth and i’m sick and tired of ignorant dudes that worship this game as if it is the best game ever made. i’d also like to make a suggestion. since the dead space was really supported by the fans and ppl liked it a lot i would recommend you to play Metro 2033. its an awsome and very unique game. i think you like the whole atmosphere that dead space offers and if thats true then you should really try metro 2033. you are gonna love it. it has amazing atmosphere, it sucks you in and it doesnt let you go until you finish it. its a survival horror shooter like dead space. its easy to record as its linear and i think ppl would love seing you playing it…

  4. hey man!
    i think you should look into dota 2! Now you can buy it for like 29.99 euro on thier website. i think you would enjoy it!
    cheers mate!

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