Khan’s Gamecast #3 – Incoming!

Khan’s Game Cast #3
– “Incoming!”

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18 thoughts on “Khan’s Gamecast #3 – Incoming!

  1. Yo, gamebro what’s up? Khan on the go…I’ll take a number 1 with a side of whoop-ass and I wanna supersize that bitch! As always your vid’s are golden and I look forward to watching them week to week. Sorry to hear about KOA:Reckoning getting the axe, or in this case the reverse fateweave to the face! Looking forward to Dragon’s Dogma and Diablo III though. Shadow of the colossus is one of my all time favorite games and I know you’ll love it…despite the somewhat wonky climbing mechanics that have you screaming at the main character. But it was so fun figuring out not only where the colossi are, but how to climb aboard and Michael Meyers their hairy asses (Halloween reference, not Wayne’s World). Lastly, Devil may cry 4 was very disappointing. I had more fun typing BOOBS on my calculator back in 7th grade. Damn, I’ve said too much! Take care gamebro and we’ll see you in the next one.

    Bro Fist for life!

  2. Brooooooo although I’m a bit sad you won’t continue the KoA series, I totally understand if it’s for financial reasons and it’s too bad really that no one is watching them. I know you were doing your best to have people see how good KoA is and you are the best bro, I do hope you put random highlights here and there when you feel like it. Hope you continue enjoying the game and fate weave all those bastards to oblivion!!


  3. Hail to the Khan

    I am with you Ruri, the golden days of reading your instruction manual while you’re taking a crap is, for the most part, over. I will always, 100% of the time, buy a game at a retail store over digital downloads. 1) I like owning the box, and sometimes, get a great instruction manual and 2) I don’t waste bandwidth on a 10gig+ file.

    I give huge props to great companies like CDPR who not only gave the greatest instruction manual I’ve seen in a very long time, but it ALSO gave a free walkthrough guide WITH THE STANDARD EDITION! That’s insane. CRPR is amazing.

    That fact that we always have to register with an online software program to play games I bought really pisses me off and it’s one of the worst hassles of PC gaming.

  4. I agree with you rurikhan about having a physical copy of the game. The box just makes the game complete… I don’t know it justs seems that I couldn’t play a game without the cd and the box. By the way really excited about shadow of the colossus because well simply put it is one of the greatest games ever period. Sad about koa because you introduced it to me but you gotta do what you gotta do. Keep the videos coming ruri

  5. You mentioned that you made a tutorial video showing how you make your videos.. Would you be able to direct me to that?? Thanks, love your vids Ruri!

    • Unfortunately I can’t direct you to those videos because they are supposed to become a part of a TGN Premium service :( sorry.

      • It’s all good. The guy below me had the same question so to speak, and what you told him worked! I also have an Hauppauge HD PVR and use Premiere Pro! Have been watching your youtube vids for some time now, and I’m also subscribed to your tube. My youtube is CertTech20. Well, sorry for the book, thanks Ruri, look forward to more videos! Just got done upping a dark souls one of my own! Bro-fist.

  6. Hey,
    I would like to know what you use for recording your games, and after that for editing the recorded stuff.

    • Currently, I have an Hauppauge HDPVR that handles all the recording, it even records PC footage through the usage of an HDCP Stripper from ViewHD.

      I use my iMac Camera to record the camera footage in the videos that have it. I use Audacity to do some background noise removal on my audio and then I slap everything together with Adobe Premiere.

  7. Hey!

    A physical copy of the game is the best thing and fuck that online activation shit ! Let me tell you a little story. I was on a vacation in swiss rolling with my snowboard up and down the hills like a god damn BAWS when all of a sudden there was this bolder and i twisted my ankle … after i got to the doctor in swiss ( the first thing he says without looking at the injury is: how would you like to pay, cash or credit card ? ) he sold me some kick ass painkillers and i was stuck in our little cabin while my friends still where owning the mountains up and down. So i grab my laptop trying to play a freaking game and what happens ? I CANT PLAY A SINGLE GAME ON THE FUCKING MACHINE BECAUSE ALL I HAD ON IT WAS STEAM SHIT AND IT WAS NOT IN OFFLINE MODE. So fuck online registration or activation ! I know plenty of people who buy a game and download a crack for it because you simply don’t want to deal with this whole “be-online-all-the-time-crap”

    Regarding Diablo 3: FUCK the softcore crap! hardcore all the way baby !
    If the monk dies you could let us vote for the next char.

    Ok now some questions:

    -Do you still do that live stream stuff ? i have been trying to see you online but no luck so far.

    -My good old laptop has some performance issues.i cant play new games and stuff like D3! Do you have a suggestion for a new one ? ( My current one is a 2006 model Dell XPS M1530)( you can write me a mail or stuff if you have the time otherwise just screw this last question)

    brow fist !

  8. Hey Khan,

    First, while I prefer a physical copy of a game (I, too, love haing the actual box, maybe a instruction manual with, gasp, pictures and illustrations), I don’t mind if it’s a title from a smaller developer, like thatgamecompany’s Journey. But I hear we won’t have much choice with the next generation of consoles; everything’s going purely digital. Movie rentals are damn near to that point already. So we might as well enjoy what boxes we’re given now, while we can.

    Secondly, you’re not ranty. You’re commentating. If no one SPEAKS UP, nothing changes. You often suggest alternatives, like you did for Demon’s Souls’s servers going down and how they should use KickStarter. Someone who rants just bellyaches and offers no ideas. It’s part of the reason I’m a fan of yours. So many podcasts and gaming sites just whine, whine, whine. Thus, you do not rant.

    Last, I’m sorry about Amalur. But I think a big reason a lot of us attend the Church of Kahn is due largely to your detailed coverage and commentary on games that, while popular, are still kind of fringe because of their daunting dificulty. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls. Those games also make for a great watch with their emphasis on action, few cinematics, and no bloated storytelling approach like Amalur and Skyrim (the more people jibber-jabber, the more fun it is, right? Right?) make the Souls series unrivaled. And since you know your shit with these enormously harrowing titles, that’s why we visit your site daily.

    But, no matter what you choose to put up here, I’ll watch.

    Also, a question for the next Q&A: what are some of your favorite movies of all time? To hazard a guess, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess The Khan is a fan of Gladiator. Pretty much TO THE FACE: the movie, that one.

  9. What´s up ruri, regarding to the boxes and manuals topic I love having them
    it feels really cool having it, for me its like books, people tell me that reading a book on the computer its better and besides its free but I dont like it because I love the feeling of having the actual book on my hands and reading it, in conclusion I prefer physical copies of the games than the digital ones.

    • Oh and the manuals these days? they are horrible, black and white only and really short, like for example I would read the god of war 2 manual and it has all this colors and cool stuff but if I read a PS3 game manual (not all of them of course, but most of them) they are black and white only and the only information I get its how to turn on the console.
      well thats all i have to say see you ruri on the next one.
      BRO FIST!

  10. Nice vid ruri… i agree to everything you say man. its kinda weird but you are absolutely right. its not ranting. All you do is speaking up for issues that bothers a HUGE portion of the gamers. Most of us dont have your audience and cant really do much with our opinions but its really nice that an expirienced gamer like you steps up.
    Keep up the good work mate. I’m really looking forward shadow of the colossus and god of war… I hope we see them soon

  11. Wuz Cracking 13ig dogg, wuz good hommie, as you notice i didnt posted up last week, was really modofucking busy taking care of some modofucking business right here in the west coast, is good to see that i make a couple of modofucking fans, i just want to give them much love and respecto from your hommie 1n 13lue, and to that bitch of hulk whoregan, you know something modofucker im going to apply that modofucking double tap rule on your nuts and ass.
    Any ways hommie i have to get something out of my modofucking chest, and is about the modofucking year by year game releases like call for duty hommie, the modofucking game comes every modofucking year, so why the fuck do you get charge for downloading the modofucking maps, weapons and tools like 10 to 20 dollars a piece and then next year you have to pay the full modofucking price of 60+ dollars to get just that a download or patch not even a new full game, and the modofucking proof is found in the modofucing games, have you notes how similar call of duty 4 (original modern warfare) the sequel modern warfare 2, black ops and Modern warfare 3 are? Yes they are the same modofucking game same engine, same graphics even the same modofucking animations, all that shit you can get it on a patch or downloadable content, come on Activitions dont fool us no more bitches, and you modofuckers even come with a year pass to get the downloadable content 5 Gs cheaper, come modofucker you release the modofucking game every year hoes that shit should be for free, and im not only modofucking riding on Activition’s ass, EA too, they make a big mess with one of my favorite games of all time FIFA, the modofucking game get release every modofucking year and the downloads, like the world cup or even the Euro 2012 downloads arent for free and the modofucking game come every year with some changes and rooster update but thats is, you know there are rumors that the in year game rooster updates are going to cost you like $20 just to modofucking update the rooster in the middle of the season, you know you cant play with out the rooster update at the end of December, to all the soccer fans you know what i modofucking mean, is like the hommie Michel Pachter says we no longer own games, they are only licenses to us. Well thats it hommie i hope one day we the consumer and no the modofucking publisher is back in control of the gaming industry.

    So thats it hommie thats all i have to modofucking say, if you dont see me in the next 3 Gamecast shows, that means that EA and Activition got my ass, but dont worry hommie cuz ill go down like a modofucking soldiers, and remember 13ig K, even do you are not with TGN no more, just keep smashing them door, keep climbing to the top and Ill see ya in the modofucking next time. GGG

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