Khan’s Q&A #3

Khan’s Game Cast Q&A #3
– “Questions & Answers 3”

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9 thoughts on “Khan’s Q&A #3

  1. I have also voted for the PC version of Dark Souls. And I never thought I would ever consider doing this but, would it actually be better playable using a gamepad. Would love to hear your input (no pun intended).

    Also would love to hear what you think Portugal’s chances are in the European championship football/soccer.

    Last question, what are the games you want to play in 6 months?

  2. Just for clarification I fucking hate Pokemon. My Xbox gamer tag is the same so I used it yea I said Xbox bitch. Keep up the good work rurikhan keep the videos coming

    • still its way better than all the crappy ports we have seen… sorry for doublepost i just didnt want you to get me wrong 😛 i didnt accuse the developers just informing you :)

  3. Hey there Ruri, on the topic of games that give you that sense of achievement, I was wondering if you could recommend some games like that? I’ve already 100%ed dark souls (I have a 360) and I need something new to play. Do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks! Bro-fist!

  4. Hey there Ruri, huge fan of your work. I’m a lil’ disappointed that the kingdoms of amalur series stopped. Anyways, I think you should check out that new Soul Sacrifice game. Not sure if its a sequel to the souls series.

  5. i would like this question be featured on the next Q&A, if that wouldn’t trouble you.

    I’ve been playing lots of dark souls and on NG+++ now. I fell in love with darksouls from the start, just like you. I think it is just outstanding! It never gets old. Dark souls just takes me away into a intense world of boss monsters and adventure. its the only game that has the balls to kick my ass. I LOVE IT! I acually raged so bad that i threw my controller at the wall and it broke. That is how you know it is a good challenging game. There is just so much to do. Well i’ll stop blabbering and here’s my question:

    I got rid of my PC a while ago because it was slow as a turtle race. So i got a Macbook Pro around 2010 and i love it, its fast and meets all my standards. One problem is that mac does not have a lot of online rpg’s besides WOW. I got wow and just the burning crusade in 2010 and it was fun but now i want to get back into it and it is just to much to buy all the rest of the packs to WOW and a 60day game card. So im wondering if there is any PS3 or mac Rpg games besides Dark souls, demon souls, Wow and dragons dogma? i played dragons dogma demo and i didnt really like it because the demo didn’t tell you much of how the game works. like is there races, classes, (mages, rouges, and archers, warriors, etc) buying equipment, armor, stats. so basically i just want a game like WOW but i don’t want to buy WOW because it is so expensive! Guild wars 2 looks amazing but i don’t have a PC ):

    I really hope this can get featured on the next Q&A.

  6. Im getting close to platinum on dark souls, ruri, do you agree with me on that the knight’s honor trophy is the hardest trophy ever :)

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