Khan’s Questions & Answers 2

Khan’s Game Cast Q&A #2
– “Questions & Answers 2″

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8 thoughts on “Khan’s Questions & Answers 2

  1. My brooo don’t even worry about all those people who are saying you whine or complain or anything negative. Everyone has their opinion on certain things and it’s ok to rant about things, you’re the best bro and don’t forget it!! Shield slam to the faaaaace. Bonzaiiiiiiii!


  2. Wait..

    What’s with all the demanding stuff and caving into that?
    It’s like asking Bob Dylan to be more like George Michael because Mike has the funny looks and groovy dances and he should be like that to cater the gay community because he hasn’t reach out into that area yet..

    The reason I love Rurikhan, he’s unique with his own style, confident in what he does, dedicated, great knowledge about gaming and video editing, great communication skills and knows how to entertain, he’s a true professional.
    In short: he’s the definition of bro-fist.

    Thank God he isn’t one of those million in a dozen casuals who are all doing the same shit for the same reasons, surely Ruri aims for publicity as well but in his own way and I respect that and because of that, I’m a loyal watcher (no homo) and without making fake promises or creating false hope, I am planning to make a generous donation in the near future to keep this Brother in the air because it would break my heart to see him go under for whatever thus resulting us to revert back to mainstream, annoying casuals broadcasting ass-air. (selfish much?)

    Stay real, stay Rurikhan!

    Sincerely yours,
    Mom (<- I had to, sorry)

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