Kingdoms of Amalur: Dellach and Theater of Fate

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Episode #14

“Dellach and Theater of Fate”

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4 thoughts on “Kingdoms of Amalur: Dellach and Theater of Fate

  1. Yeeeeeah that was awesome! Breakfast while watching a 40 minute KoA video, and 2 deaths? Perfect! Hahah. I loved the comment you made about the kobalt having a stupid toothpick weapon then he swiped it at your face and you’re like “what?” hahah. Can’t wait for more bro!


  2. I had a huge interest in KoA before it was released. I believe it dropped in February because come early January I was getting bored of Skyrim and I knew I needed a filler game to make the wait for KoA more bearable. That game? Dark Souls. Well needless to say that filler game became my religion and I completely stopped caring about KoA.

    I finally picked up KoA a few weeks ago but couldn’t get much further past where Khan is in this video. I just felt the only thing driving me to play this game was me. The characters are bland and uninteresting; I cared nothing for any of them. The main story never seemed to pick up or compel me to keep playing. The combat was fun but it just wasn’t enough to carry this game until it got interesting.

    If KoA was a pie it’d have too much filling and not enough crust.

    Much respect. Bro-fist.

  3. You mocked the Kobold for having a ‘toothpick’, you get stabbed to death with said toothpick while telling them to get a mans weapon… Ouch dude.. Just ouch…

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