Kingdoms of Amalur : Eagonns Tomb

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Episode #28

“Eagonns Tomb”

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One thought on “Kingdoms of Amalur : Eagonns Tomb

  1. Absolutely loving this let’s play my bro, and this is definitely underrated, the plethora of items like armor and weapons is insane and SO awesome, it just makes you want to dungeon crawl forever and just keep playing its super abducting. I’m glad you share the same love for this game. I’m glad you’re going to finish this let’s play, and are going to LOVEE the mystic hammer you’re gonna be like FUCK yeah bonzaiiii to the FACE!!! Anyway, keep everything up my friend, I love all your videos and you’re the best.

    P.S., Ive never been a computer gamer, but you’ve introduced me to diablo 3 and guild wars and I may, I may just check it out and see if my pc is capable to play those awesome looking games. Btw, if you can remember, what was the first game you’ve ever played in your life? And do you remember your age when you first started playing?


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