Kingdoms of Amalur: Ettin Smacking!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Episode #15

“Dellach and Theater of Fate”

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8 thoughts on “Kingdoms of Amalur: Ettin Smacking!

  1. Hahah ettin balls to the faaaace! I’m doing a sorcery night hybrid build also bro! It’s cool that way. Yeeeeeah house of ballads , hopefully you’ll do the maid of Windermere quest for house of ballads that’s a good challenge with all the bosses bro. 


  2. Honestly, when I played Amalur on HARD difficulty, these shamans were more demanding and difficult, I would say almost like Darksouls. They had many nasty spells which in there on this video we cannot see, and their simple white hits take at least 70% of HP (not to mention spells). SO – I am asking you, why you are not playing HARD difficulty. Let me quote yourself: “DO YOU HAVE NO BALLS?!”


    • You will see the answer to this particular comment on episode 18. Because 16 and 17 have already been recorded and are currently in queue to be uploaded.

      And if they were more difficult to you, you probably had a bad build. Yeah they make damage, nothing that my character can’t handle though. And I haven’t changed the difficulty. It’s on Hard, if it can even be called that …

    • That IS strange or someting.. In my playthrough each of these four shamans had a friend and a pair of wolfs as companions. Damn they where hard to beat. Can be explained by the Space Leveling-system explained in this artikle from Gamebanshee. I think level 11 at the time.

      • Couldn’t post the link so…
        Ian Frazier: “The difficulty/quality of enemies and loot are both scaled with the same system, a method we call “Space Leveling.” The way this works is that each area in the game (whether that be a dungeon, the inside of a tavern, or a swamp) has a particular level range determined by the designer. When the player enters that area for the first time, the game checks the player’s current level and sets the area to be as close to that level as possible within its range. For instance, if I’m level 3 and I go to the village of Didenhil and its level range is 5-10, the level there will be set to 5 for the rest of eternity. Meanwhile if I went there for the first time as a level 20 character, it would all be set to level 10.”

        • So that must be it, since I had some problems with these ettin ogres, there was “the boss” + at least 2 wolves, and sometimes + another ogre. And the boss one was hittinh 70% + many electric shoc spells. “Bitch slap” – I dont remember him doing it at all. Played rogue though and went there around lvl 12, so assuming your theory is right, the ettins in my version were scaled up to 12 lvl, and Khan’s only 3 lvl is that so?

          • That depends on the scaling of the level. As the example above shows the areas have their own levels with a max and min lvl. The area then scales with the lvl of the player within that max and min.

  3. I would have to agree with you on the build, it does make it more easier. So I would definitely like to see your hybrid build. Because I decided to do the same with my char. Keep the videos coming bro. Your doing a great job.

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