[R1T] Lost Planet 2

This is the review I made for Lost Planet 2 to enter the NGTGames Director’s contest. I know most of you have probably already seen it on youtube, but I’m still adding it to my own channel and website for future reference and arquive purposes.
(press read more for video)

This was for the second week of the contest, where the objective set for me was to review two diamonds in the rough (as in, games that didn’t really get their deserved success).

Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “[R1T] Lost Planet 2

  1. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was the main reason I converted from the Sony product to Microsoft. The problem that Lost Planet 2 had is that it released along the same timeline as Halo ODST, and as we all know the halo fan boys ate that crap up. Lost Planet is a great game, the multiplayer is awesome, I have issues with the matchmaking system but hopefully in future games (fingers crossed) that will improve

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