Rurikhan Show: Lower Your Expectations and Buy the Game! [Updates]

Rurikhan Show #23 (Updates)
– “Lower Your Expectations and Buy the Game!”

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12 thoughts on “Rurikhan Show: Lower Your Expectations and Buy the Game! [Updates]


    Here’s the release date.

    I’m still undecided if I should get Diablo III or not. If I do buy it, then there’s the question if I should get the annual pass or just buy Diablo III.

    I’ve played quite abit Blizzard games since Warcraft II (1995) up to World of Warcraft and SC2, until cancelling my WoW suscription some months ago. I have to agree with Rui that it’s easy to see how Blizzards focus has gone from quality to making money. Even just in the life span of WoW you can see the difference from Vanilla/TBC to Cataclysm. Somehow I have very little expectations of Mist of Pandaria.

    I’m prolly going to give Mist of Pandaria a shot and even if I do decide to buy Diablo III, I’m still very sceptical if Annual pass is worth it.

    But GW2 and Mass Effect 3 should be pretty solid.


  2. Yeah kingdoms of amalur!!!!!! I’m glad you like it enough to play it beyond what people think. Yeah Ruri! Can’t wait for more content from KoA, demons souls, and God of War! I love that you’ll finish the KoA let’s play.


  3. Hahaha!! I love angry rants! With all the massive video files you keep uploading, you’re probably the reason for Portugal’s Internet crashes….but you can’t compromise quality :-)

  4. Bashiok definitely set off a firestorm with his total stupidity in posting that idiotic rant about Diablo 3 but really I’m definitely not one who will be buying Diablo 3.

    Blizzard have walked away from their consumers big time and it’s pretty awful to be left in the hands of this menagerie of twits running it’s development.

    Since you’ve uploaded the video they’ve announced a May 15th date with the WoW yearly subscription giving away a free Diablo download ending on May 1st.

    Things have fallen off over last 4-5years and I’m starting to not have confidence that Titan will have enough to stem the decline.

    But stranger things have happened in this industry…..heck Everquest is going F2P ffs. 😀 lol.

    Keep up the good work and GW2 is going to be epic.

  5. I’d love to see some Dragons Dogma hype, I am sure you could make a more informative video based on pure speculation then most of the lazy gaming websites who just churn out crap articles and videos to make a buck.

    With Dragons Dogma and Diablo 3 coming out a week apart, I think a lot of cash strapped folks are going to have a hard time choosing just one. Diablo 3 has a ton of name recognition and that’ll sell millions of copies alone. If Dragons Dogma is the superior game, it’ll take a lot of hype and marketing to get the message across and get people to hold onto their money for another week.

    Looking forward to the Demon Souls. Keep it up.

    Much Respect. Bro-fist.

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