Rurikhan Show: Scumbag BETA Key distribution

Rurikhan Show #21
– “Scumbag BETA Key distribution”

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11 thoughts on “Rurikhan Show: Scumbag BETA Key distribution

  1. I’m a big fan and I can’t wait for your Fallout 3 playthrough. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. Also, don’t try Rage because me and my friends all bought it and it was a huge dissapointment.

  2. Loved the video Rurikhan, I totally agree about the beta keys, you should totally have one for Guild Wars 2, game looks sick

    This is less of a question, more of a request to something you mentioned…please go back to play Demon’s Souls! I freaking love that game and to have your commentary on it would be awesome

    Glad I found you on Youtube, massive fan now 😀

  3. Hey Ruri!

    Thank you for commenting on the link to Tim Schafers project. You got the point right – it’s not about making a game in a special genre – it’s about passing by the publisher and allow developers to let their visions come true.

    Speaking about that – this kind of greedy attitude let me turn away from WoW (the first videos I saw from you) because this striving for money is so obvious. The 4.3 raid is full of recycled boss models and even one arena is completely “copy-and-paste”. But: the new pet in the pet store is a brand new and detailed model. So you can easily figure out where the effort and money is going.

    I think you’re right regarding the distribution of the beta key – they should support fans and not try to spread them for the best results to the bigger sites which give a crap about game x.

    Man, “Dragons Dogma” looks really cool – I just fell in love with that game after the trailer! I would love to have an mmorpg in that or “Dark Souls”-Style!

    So, well, get some more sleep and take care! 😉

    Cheers from Germany!

  4. Im so glad someone else is calling out all of those so-called “reviewers” who have no idea what the game is about or how it works. As a HUGE fan of the Ninja Gaiden series since the first one im disgusted by all of the big name companies who dont even know what the basic premise of the third in the series is. And yet reviewers like IGN and others are somehow getting the demo of the game before the ACTUAL fans. It’s irritating. Its extremely poor reviews like these that hurt the rep of good companies like Team NINJA. Sorry for the rant haha but im just throwing my opinion out there.

    BTW, just registered to your website and its awesome! Keep it up!

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  6. U mad broski? Lol jk anyways, I think the companies distribute the beta keys to big companies because they know people will watch their coverage. Like you said if their videos are top viewed it will peak interest and the game company will make more money. Btw, you sing like an angel <3!! Btw…again I think you should give me that beta key because I know you love me 😉 and I'm dying to play diablo 3 and I loved diablo 2 so I think I would love that game as well.

  7. 3 games i wana see at least some footage of :

    fallout 3
    Demon’s souls and dragons dogma when it comes out cuz it’s multiplayer sounds good but weird.

    As for rage it is a bit of a disappointment as it’s basically a shrunk fallout 3 or new vegas and was more or less a filler for new vegas and skyrim

  8. Sup Big K!

    I totally agree, big name sites like Gamespot that get Beta keys over independents like yourself is such an over sight that someone deserves to get fired. It’s completely free advertising, all for a Beta key. What fools! Thousands of views, hours of publicity for nothing but a Beta key…makes ya shake your head.

    Love the show, keep rocking it, BALLS OUT!

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