Skyrim: Mother of Wisps!

Khan’s Skyrim

Episode #18

“Mother of Wisps!”

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4 thoughts on “Skyrim: Mother of Wisps!

  1. Is or was the Skyrim series a popular one?

    I find the pacing of the game makes for a dull watch. It’s also so much of the same. I can admit, there is the occasional awesome moment but for the most part, it loses it’s charm after you’ve seen it several more times.

    Maybe Dark Souls has just spoiled me. I find the constant action and intensity far more satisfying then Skyrim’s bland repetitive combat.

  2. love the video ruri, editing out the long journeys is good unless you find the occasional good battle which you did. Just so you know, Lydia will die eventually for good if you arent careful. She faints a lot and will get back up, but after awhile she will just die.


  3. Theres something realy missing from ur skyrim videos im not sure what it is but might be the fact that u dont know so much about the game. I suggest u watch someones playtrough about skyrim or play trough the game or read whole bunch of stuff from skyrim wiki.

    Respect Ruri and keep the videos coming!

  4. Tip:
    Maces are the slowest but most damaging one handed weapons.

    Axes are faster the maces but deal a slightly smaller amount of damage.

    Swords are faster than Axes and Maces but have a slightly smaller amount of damage.

    Daggers are fastest of all the weapons but do the least amount of damage´╗┐ than any of the other weapons.

    They all have unique perks, and finishing moves.
    Hope you read this tip and find it helpful.

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