Rurikhan Show: Community Comments [Ep. 23]

Rurikhan Show #23 (Community Comments)
– “Lower Your Expectations and Buy the Game!”

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10 thoughts on “Rurikhan Show: Community Comments [Ep. 23]

  1. Hahah absolutely amazing!! I love the introduction you do when you say my username! And I didn’t know dark souls has a NG+ limit at 7. That would be amazing to see that lets play because that sounds frikin hard bro! Anyway, keep it up my bro!

    P.s. I’d love to see you hype up dragons dogma by commentating a video before it comes out, because honestly I don’t know much about it.


  2. Imagino como lerás isto aqui, meu amigo, com teu sotaque português.
    Anyway, great new format, waiting for Demon Souls’ videos, and I had a question.
    I was one of the guys who were agains’t you pairing up with TGN. Now you don’t talk so much about it. So what’s up with this?
    OBS.: Yeah, we brazilians DO understand your accelerated portuguese accent, relax, bro.

    Analegon, druid tanker from Goldrinn

  3. Yay I was mentioned! Haha. It’s said Cad-ick-ta-lee if you wanted to know. I’m glad it’s not ending. I didn’t know when I made the comment just the let’s play was over (I think you mentioned that shortly after I made the comment :P) but I’m glad you’ll still play and make videos occassionally. :) Can’t wait to see Demon’s Souls! I might get a PS3 just to play that and god of war haha.

  4. I agree I own an Xbox, (also saving up for a PS3 as well), the process of getting live is worth it but a SERIOUS PAIN IN MY ASS!! I mean really why Microsoft your services are good but the price and process of live is insane!
    By the way your videos are amazing, so keep up the good work.

    P.S. why did the chicken cross the road?

  5. Lol I bought the kingdoms of amalur dlc…does that make me a cheap bastard buying weapons and armor? xD it was a pretty pretty fair price to be honest. I am playing a rogue type character and this is one of the most fun games I have played in awhile. Does your left nut hang lower than your right nut???? Sry I just had to ask but seriously what do you think came first the chicken or the egg?

  6. To Mr. Rurikhan

    Hello sir how are you doing? Me not so good, I don’t really approve your out off place comments to the gaming community and to be more exact to our leader the publishers (Electronic Arts) who are the organism that represent our community to the rest of the world and society. You don’t really see the proportions of disunion with in the community you comments generated. So I would really appreciated for you to apologize thought your site to the community and especially to our leader Electronic Arts.

    Thank you for listening to my concerns and hope that you the right thing.

    Sike Ese is really Me the 13ig G that you know the Maniac 1n the modofucking 13lue what do you think of the modofucking prank i pull on you ese. Is just another modofucking way to say i have tons of modofucking love and respect for you hommy. So you think my modofucking comments on this bitches of EA were soft. the what about this, more modofucking action then palabras (words). planting a modofucking bomb on there modofucking installations. What about that ese is that hard enough for you hommy (answer). No just joking ese Im a Maniac not an asshole. I preferred to stomp them nuts of the CEOs thats more my modofucking G Style.

    In some other shit, fuck Blizzard this modofuckers are not the same doggs that created Diablo D2 Starcraft and the Warcraft series. Looks like blizz is control by modofucking bitchies that only care about the green paper and they modofucing limit the bomb ass creativity and imagination of there development teams. I modofucking grow up on some diablo 2 and SC1 shit and is really modofucking disrespectful to see how this modofucker drag these tight ass franchises to the floor. How can I modofucking forget killing fools with my modofucking bone spear or poison nova. Is just sad dont know is to get piss off or clown on this modofuckers. Any ways 13ig G i hope one day can be a special guest on your tight ass show to get down into some gangsta shit and diss on this bitchers publishers.
    Ok G my time is off i got to hit the modofucking street and keep hustling this day to day bitch, so keep doing what you doing, keep smashing doors, keep rising to the top and dont look down but only to clown on the modofucking haters and ill see ya in the modofucking next time.

  7. Great vid Ruri. Don’t know of any other gaming commentators that cater to their fans as much as you do.
    Looking forward to your Demon Souls and God Of War series’. I’m also starting up my first Demons Souls play through as we speak.
    Obligatory question: Despite the bullshit EA are pulling with their games, are you still picking up Mass Effect 3?

    Peace bro!

  8. Now that i think about it i should change my nickname; sorry i didnt take in consideration your time, i completly forgort about it but nevertheless im sure your god of war lets play are gonna be awesome just becouse you are gonna do them seriusly you are my favorite game comentator i hope you keep the good work.
    god bless you Ruri

  9. Sup Rurikhan,
    Ive recently started watching your videos. I found your dark souls ng playthrough on youtube, trying to find gameplay footage before I bought it, and have been watching a crap load of your videos ever since (I did get dark souls and played the shit out of it too btw). Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work your doing, and can honestly say just watching your dark souls playthrough helped me sooo much during my playthrough, im currently playing a 150 something (i dont remeber ive been playing alot of KoA recently cuz i juss got it) cleric, and ive finally managed to get every single armour set in the game and most weapons including all the demon soul ones at NG++… yup im addicted. Let me just say this is the BEST GODDAMN GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. Because of that playthrough youve brought my attention to other really awesome games like KoA too. Anyways, m first runthrough of KoA consisted of me beating the main quest, skipping almost every side quest, and doing the faction quests. I was too intrigued by the main story to worry about all the side bullshit, but now it seems like I probably would have had a more fullfilling expirience if I did all the side quests as I went, because my side quest list is the size of santas goddamn naughty list.. its ridiculous how much shit i didnt do. Do you think I should start a new character and do all of them? I havent watched many of your KoA videos, just the first couple, so I dont know how far you are, but do you know if the side quests are worth it? My character now is a champion (might/socerery) and I love the shit out of him, but do you think I should start a new game with a new destiny combo? or should I stick to my first character, finish all the factions quests and just get the dlc? any info would help, idky im commenting on this video, its probably old, i didnt check. but if you could get back to me somehow itd be appreciated. And again thanks for your the videos theyre fuckin awesome, and I plan too watch more of your KoA vids and anything else you plan on making.

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